The main difference between plants and animals is how they obtain their food.

The only way an animal can obtain food is by eating something  that is (or used to be) alive.

A plant can make food using simple chemicals it can find in the soil or in the air..
Plants make food by a process called photosynthesis and this process cannot be carried out by any animal

The main parts of a flowering plant

flower2 FLOWER: Contains the reproductive organs. Where the plant makes seeds. Flowers that are insect pollinated (eg rose) have colourful or scented petals to attract insects. Wind pollinated plants (eg grass) do not have petals

STEM Transports food and water around the plant. Holds apart the leaves and flowers.

LEAVES Where photosynthesis is carried out. They have a large surface area to absorb as much sunlight as possible.

ROOTS: Soak up water and dissolved food from the ground.
They support the plant in the soil so it doesn’t blow over.
The root hairs increase the surface area of the root.