Photosynthesis is the name of the process by which a green plant can make food

The plant takes CARBON DIOXIDE from the air and WATER from the soil and joins them together to form STARCH and SUGAR.

OXYGEN is released as a waste product.

The energy for the process comes from the SUN which is absorbed by the leaves.


Demonstrating Photosynthesis

Photosynthesis can be demonstrated by placing a test-tube up-side-down over a piece of pond weed in a beaker filled with water.

The whole apparatus is placed in bright light.

After a few days oxygen collects in the test tube.

We prove that the gas is oxygen by testing it with a glowing splint which relights.


Photosynthesis is very important because the plants provide all animals, including us, with food.

This is the reason that green plants are always at the beginning of a food chain.

A Food Chain

A food chain is a list of organisms to show a simple feeding pattern within a habitat



This means that the cabbage is eaten by the slug ….
which is eaten by the thrush.
.. which is eaten by the fox.

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