SupaScience is a website about primary school science and is aimed at years 4, 5 and 6

It is written to help children and their parents with homework or revise for school exams
It will also help with KS2 Science SAT’s which are soon to be re-introduced.

The science topic books contain detailed notes on most subjects and include assessment tests as well as handouts to fill in which could save teachers hours of work.

SupaScience is part of a group of sites under the heading The Science Club
The Science Club consists of three websites.
     This one, SupaScience, written for 9-11 year olds studying KS2
     The Science Site, written for 11-14 year olds studying Common Entrance or KS3
     The Science Quiz Site, containing all of the tests and quizzes from the sites above

Some useful Documents to download

Useful Science Dictionary

Science VocabularyPrimary school science dictionary

Useful Links

Science VocabularyMiddle school science dictionary

Click here for TheScienceSiteMore advanced notes to help with KS3 science Click here for the Science Quiz SiteGraded Questions and tests